Brie and Cherry Grilled Cheese

Micro Chef Grill Recipes-Brie and Blackberry Jam Grilled Cheese


Brie and Cherry Grilled Cheese 

Micro Chef Grill


Prep time
Cooking time
Total time


2 slices
favorite soft bread
4 slices
brie cheese with the rind scraped off
1 tablespoon
black cherry jam
1 teaspoon
olive oil


  1. Pre heat the Micro Chef Grill for 2 min in the microwave with the grill lid no ring.
  2. Place the brie cheese slices on the bread
  3. Spread the cherry jam on one side of the bread
  4.  Spray olive oil on both sides of the bread and place inside the MCG.
  5. Place the grill press lid on the sandwich press down.
  6. Place MCG in the microwave and set timer to 3 min.
  7. Once the timer is done carefully remove from the microwave remove sandwich.
  8. Cut sandwich in half and enjoy.